Variables and triggers wont work on all buttons

Hi all,

I'm trying to 'shade out' boxes to say "completed" in Storyline once someone has finished a specific section of the module. I'm using variables and triggers and it's working fine for "unit one'; once you return to the main menu Unit One says "completed". I am using the same triggers and variables for the remaining four topics but the functionality just isn't working. I'm hoping someone can help me as I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, on Unit Two, make sure to order the trigger ahead of the jump to slide trigger, as triggers work top down in order, your trigger is not triggering as your button jumps prior to hitting it.

Also, be sure to set trigger on click of button, as on Unit One, you set to on timeline of the button, which occurs as soon as the slide starts, that is why that one works.

Hope that helps.