Variables Help Needed

I recently posted a course on our LMS and it seemed to be working just fine.  Today, for some reason I can't seem to get the variables to work for me.  It could just be that I've been looking at it too long.  Attached you will find one of the questions I'm having trouble with.  Essentially, the learner is palying a game.  When they get to this bonus question, I want them to be able to advance using the next button.  I have it set up so that learner advances to a specific question based on the brief case they select.  I've assigned a variable for each briefcase and learner should be advanced to the appropriate slide based on the variable value.  Could you help me figure out what I'm missing?  It was working for a while, but after making a minor update to a typo, the course suddenly won't advance correctly.  :(  Any assistance is much appreciated! 

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Walt Hamilton

I don't think you need the conditions on the next Button on the layers. You may need the variables Box1, Box2, and Box3 for some other use in the program somewhere, but not to advance.

The user only gets to layer 1 if they click Box1, so you don't need to check if the variable is true before they click next. Trust the system.

Setting the navigation to Free did not help, although I thought it would.

Deleting the conditions from the Jump to trigger on each slide did help, although I'm at a loss to explain why. Those conditions should not prevent advancing.

Restricted navigation will prevent the user from advancing until the timeline finishes, but in this case, the conditions had something to do with it, too.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sindy,

As Walt mentioned restricted navigation will prevent the user from advancing using the next button until the timeline reaches the end. This will also impact any triggers you've added to your slide's next button with conditions to do something else such as show a layer when the user clicks the next button. Under this set up - the next button isn't activate until the slide timeline ends, so the trigger will not execute either.