Variables not calculating properly

Instead of using a survey question slide, I used check boxes and set variables for each check box to be a value of either 1 (selected state) or 0 (normal state). Then, I created a slide to show users their progress based on how many check boxes they clicked. Using variable references, the "Your Progress Report" slide shows users the ones they clicked on the previous slides (ones with value 1). Then, the "Things You Can Work On" slide uses variable references to show them the things they didn't click (ones with value 0). It worked for weeks, but now it only works on the "Your Progress Report" slide and not "Things You Can Work On." I have a lot of variables at play, so I went back through and mapped them all out, but it still doesn't work although it should and I haven't adjusted those slides at all. I even had a file saved to my desktop with just those slides and it worked fine until today and I haven't changed a thing on it. Please help!

I am using Storyline 3, update 6.

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David Schwartz

Hi Cristina,

The issue is that you are reusing variables on those two screens. So for instance, the variable BlnkInt is set to "Internship" on the progress slide if the internship checkbox was checked. That's fine.

But then when the user gets to the "Things You Can Work On" slide, the variable is already set to "Internship." There is a trigger that sets it that way if the internship checkbox is unchecked, but no trigger to clear that variable if the checkbox is checked. 

Quickest thing to do might be to put twelve triggers at the top of both of those slides to set each of those variables to "" on start of the slide's timeline. That would also clear things if the user went back to re-answer any of the check boxes.

Hope that helps.

Cristina Colquhoun

Thanks, David! Unfortunately that didn't do the trick for me. I've been messing with it all day. I did change the blnk variables on the second slide to something different in case that was interfering. I noticed that on one of the two slides with the check boxes, the list of triggers was set up to function the same as the other slide, but it wasn't grouped together by object (see attached image). I edited the list so it was grouped by check box and now it's working. Maybe that was it? Not really sure!