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Mar 15, 2016

Hello all,

I successfully created a course that uses custom-made variables to count the number of correct answers per section, then modifies a freeform text entry slide (one per section) to submit the answers for reporting to the LMS.

I am trying to replicate this in a different course and it's not working.  The variables I can choose from do not include the variables I specifically built for this purpose!

The trigger should be as follows:  Set TextEntry equal to the value of 1S when the timeline starts.

When I click on the 1st dropdown to pick TextEntry, all of the variables are there.  When I click on the second dropdown to choose 1S, the only variables listed are "unassigned" and "TextEntry".  Where did they go and why aren't they listed??


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Crystal Horn

Hi Sadie.  I was able to reproduce your issue with your file.  I saw the variable choices working within the trigger wizard on your first course, and the lack of variable choices in the second course.

We have found that referencing numeric variables (like 1S on the sales course) inside a text entry trigger produces inconsistent results.  I understand that you need the numeric variable so that the value/score can grow.

  • Your first course (personality) has a numeric variable (1D) that gets adjusted according to quiz answers.
  • You then used the 1D variable to adjust a text variable (1DScore) to a value of "D1" depending on the score in 1D (i.e. if 1D is between 1 and 15), "D1" being a text value.  
  • Finally, in the text entry slide, you referenced the 1DScore variable (textual value "D1") in the text entry field trigger.  And using a text variable (1DScore) as opposed to a numeric variable (1D) is why that variable showed up in the drop-down of the trigger wizard.

The moral of the story?  You have to use a text variable in a text entry trigger.  So in the new course, you may have to design something like a 1SScore text variable to translate that 1S value into your text entry trigger.

I would invite the community for further input since this is a highly customized (and really thought-out) set up!

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