Variables on a slide vs an object

May 25, 2012

I was wondering if it is possible to have a variable on a slide (not an object) which determines if certain conditions are met? Also can variables retain the state of an object or layers over multiple slides or the entire project.

Here's the basic scenario:

1. Slide has 4 buttons which jump to a different scene. Slide also includes a continue button that is inactive until all 4 scenes have been viewed.

2. When button is clicked I want it to display a hidden "badge or checkmark" to show that the scene has been visited. I also want some text to switch-out. (Text on states doesn't seem to work for me:(

I can get this to work within a single slide but not over several slides. I can do this in Captivate so maybe I am confusing how variables and triggers work in Storyline to achieve this.

Any help appreciated

See the attached flowchart sample.

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Magda Diaz

Very close. Instead of just adding the text like you have it under the buttons, I want to start with text and replace it with different text.

I got it to work with states but the text wouldn't switch out between states ( feature or bug?) so I had to cover it with a white box and add the new text over it.

Over the weekend I am going to dig in more to learn how Storyline handles variables.

Thanks for doing this. It's also nice to finally be able to view Articulate files on an iPad

Magda Diaz

Status update.... Mike's solution works if all elements are separate (i.e., text,shapes, graphics.) What I am trying to do is include the text on the graphic (I am trying to reduce the number of triggers that I need for each item.) Changing the properties on the slide didn't resolve my issue. Maybe this isn't possible using states. I will switch to layers to see if that works better.

David Anderson

Hey Magda - Thanks for the fun challenge. After some good back and forth with Mike today, I think we have a solution that scratches today's "cognitive itch" as Mike described it.

I'm attaching the version that's closes to what you're going for. I think we had 1/2 dozen option which just speaks to Storyline's flexibility.

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