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Apr 02, 2014

I have this interaction where I ask the user to compare their answer to mine and score themselves by clicking one of the tick boxes.  I then have a score at the bottom for visual effects to tell them how many they have correct.  Now I couldn't use the survey quize as it doesn't count/score.  So I inserted check boxes.  I wrote variables for each check box I needed to count and then a variable to count at the bottom.  I have two problems with this:

1.  You can tick more than one per line - How do I make it so you can only choose one, but you can change your mind.

2.  Because the trigger says change the value to 1 when the user clicks the check box on condition the check box's state is selected.  Yes = 1, No = 0. So when the user clicks yes it counts 1, then they change their minds and un check it and tick no.  The counter at the bottom will still show 1 for yes and not take it back to 0 as yes is un checked.  -  How can I fix it to only count when the yes check boxes are selected and not to count them when they are un checked?

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Mike Taylor

Hi Nelia and welcome to the community!  If you have a group of items from which you only want a single one to be selected you can make those items a Button Set. (Each row of possible answers would be a separate button set.)  You also might want to consider using radio buttons instead of check boxes, since most people expect to be able to select multiple items when they see check boxes. 

A button set would also help you with part 2 of your question because after they've selected a response they can change their answer but not unselect all the answers. 

Nelia Roberts

Hi Mike,

Thank you, I set the button set and this works well with selecting only one.  However, it still counts every time I change my answer.  I have tried the subtract and add option trigger/variable.  I have 5 questions with 3 check boxes each (yes=1, no=0, not sure=1).  I have created botton sets for each question, and an overall total at the bottom of the page.  I don't want to use a submit button, as I want the user to see there score as they go through the questions.  Before I added the subtract trigger/variable, it just counted everytime I clicked on either yes or not sure.  After I added the subtract trigger/variable it only show negative numbers (-1) etc.

Help please?

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