Variables work in Storyline 2 but not in Storyline 360

May 09, 2018

I created a matching game in Storyline 2 and when I open it in Storyline 2, the variables work. When I open the same file, no changes, in Storyline 360, the variables no longer work correctly. You are supposed to match two cards and when you do, it takes you to a slide with info about those cards. In 360, it is jumping straight to the info slide without allowing you to match the cards. Any thoughts on why these variables won't work in 360? File is attached. 

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Walt Hamilton

It's not the variables, it's the triggers, or more specifically, the states:


Just one of 360's little endearing bugs: Hidden reports itself as a normal state. (The built-in states are a lot like I am. They frequently try to pass themselves off as normal.)

If you go in to 5Ws_a and 5Ws_b and change both of these triggers from normal to found, it works.

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