Vector-based WMF Files Pixelated After Import

May 21, 2020

Hello, I have some vector-based line art (wiring diagrams) that I would like to use in Storyline but instead of the crisp clean lines I'm expecting to see I see pixelated lines when I zoom in either by setting a zoom region or turning zoom image on.

From what I can see Storyline only supports two types of vector-based images, WMF and EMF. My reading has suggested that Storyline works better with WMF and after bringing both types into Storyline I agree with that statement.

I've tried multiple ways to bring the WMF files into Storyline and they end up very pixelated when you zoom in which should not be happening in a vector-based image.

Is Storyline doing something to these files upon import that is changing them from vector-based to something else? Is there a setting I'm missing that can improve the quality of the image in Storyline?

I've got my story size set to the max which seemed to help a little but the images are still pixelated upon zooming.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Joel!

I'm happy to help!

We've seen a similar conversation in the past, but the issue did not happen consistently across users. There is a great tip here if you'd like to check it out.
If this doesn't do the trick, it would be best to have our Support Engineers step in to test your file. Here's a private upload link to connect with our Support Team.

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