Verdana Font blurry in preview and publish


I have a story ...........

In a story I use Verdana as default. When I am in the edit all seem ok. But when I publish or preview it seems like the font is a bit blurry. I use Verdana 11 pts. any idea?

look at the letter "g" . The bottom is cut off. Below you will find a screen dump from the preview.

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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Peter,

I'm afraid I'm not seeing what you described in the screenshot. I'm able to see the full letter "g" and the font doesn't appear blurry. This may be because I cannot compare it to the original, "crisp" version of the font. 

Are you using Windows? If so, you might want to check to see if Clear Type is enabled. Please take a look at this knowledge base article to find out if it is enabled.