Version update (3.78.30747.0) bug caused audio to not play when using player controls in lower left corner of the timeline.

Aug 03, 2023


As of yesterday, before the latest update (3.78.30747.0), the audio in the slide could be heard using the player controls in the lower left corner of the timeline. This allowed the developer to align the slide content to the audio by using the play/pause button to start to play-head and pause the blue vertical line moving along the timeline. Please bring this feature back. 


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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

>It still doesn't work even after fired up my computer after shutting it down last night. 

what happens if you create a new course and import an audio, is the play button working?

>Does the audio displayed in your timeline show the volume peaks?

you see the volume level only if there is no play-trigger for the audio

Alejandro Gonzalez

Hi Jurgen,

I appreciate your response. I did as you suggested, and it worked when all the triggers were deleted. I was able to hear the audio when playing off the timeline buttons. Bummer, though, that all the audio triggers will have to wait to be added at the end after working on the slide and not when the audio is brought in.