Vertical Slider and rotated states

Hey there,

I'm trying to build an interactive line graph, where users can click and drag a point in order to set their value. But I've run into a problem early on:  I've rotated the slider, and built the states to reflect its connection to the next slider, and even though it works when I'm in the Editing States area, when I preview the slide, all of the objects on the state are rotated 90*, as though the slider itself were horizontal.

Am I doing something wrong, or is the program mucking up here? Any assistance would be appreciated. In the attached example, I've only built out the states on the first slider.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laurie,

Thanks for sharing the file here, although I'm not sure I'm seeing the same thing as you are. When I move the slider elements during preview, they go up and down along the lines as expected. I do see within the states you've set for slider 4 that they're appearing in an odd set up with all different angles, but I can't seem to get that to change in Preview. Can you tell me what update of Storyline you're using and confirm you're working on local project files? We're currently on Update 11. 

Laurie H.

Ashley-- I'm on Update 11: 1609.3020, I just updated it a few days ago. 

The "odd set up with all different angles" was intended to, with the triggers fully built out, simulate a shifting line graph: the users can click and drag each slider to a particular value, and the lines will show the relative position to the next slider. I only built out the triggers for moving slider 4 when the slider 5 stays at position 0, as proof of concept before spending too much time on it-- which has been a good idea, clearly.

(The state names reflect the relative position between slider 4 and slider 5: 0-0 is when both are at position 0; 1-0 is when slider 4 = 1 and slider 5 = 0; 3-2 is when slider 4 = 3 and slider 5 = 2; and so on.)

I've attached below images of what the slider looks like in States, in the Trigger, and in Preview (the story I uploaded had an error in the trigger, but the effect is the same). If you're not seeing the difference between the States and Preview versions on your computer, or can figure out what's going wrong on my end, please let me know! It looks, on my end, like the state has rotated in Preview as though the slider were still horizontal.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laurie,

Thanks for that additional information - I was having a hard time following the set up. What I'm seeing doesn't appear to be a rotation of the slider, but that it's showing the wrong state. It seems when just moving slide 4 to the 1 position, I'm seeing the state of 2-3 vs. the state of 1-0? It looks like your images supported that description as well, so I'm not sure I'm understanding the "rotation" you described. 

Since I'm not able to replicate showing the wrong state on a new slider, nor see the rotation you're describing, it appears we're still continuing to not see the same thing. I'd like to have you work with our Support Engineers for a bit more one on one support and if possible upload a screencast of the behavior showing the rotation you're seeing. You could use another instance of Storyline to conduct the screen recording or a tool such as Replay. 

Laurie H.


I've submitted the support request, but figured I'd attach the screen recording here so you can see what I'm seeing (as can anyone else who might be running into this issue). I'd be curious to see what shows up on your screen when you run this interaction.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Laurie for the video - that really helped, and I think I was seeing the same thing, although I guess a rotated version of it appeared instead to look like a different state choice. I'm glad we got this into our support team than since I was clearly way off base! Do you have the case number handy so that I can follow along? You should have received that via email with the confirmation right after submitting the case.

Laurie H.

The case number was # 00906852, but I'm afraid the best they could come back with was "don't use the line in the state, make it a new object". Which doesn't solve the problem, but is the obvious (if trigger-heavy) work-around. Now I'm concerned about using states on vertical sliders, however-- and having just tested that out, it's definitely a cause for concern. All objects added on a slider's state are rotated and shifted-- and if you want to change the slider thumb to an image, you've got to pre-rotate the image before you load it, to make sure it shows up in the right direction. 

Should I put in a second feature request for vertical sliders with the details of the bug and context for the request that I have now? I know it won't change anything any time soon, but would a follow-up request matter at all?

Laurie H.

Yeah, the image fix is the easiest one here-- the real problem is the states not aligning with the orientation of the slider in the Preview. They work just fine when Editing States, but alas.

That gives me an idea, though-- I wonder what would happen if I set the states BEFORE rotating the slider...

Emily Ruby

Hi Laurie,

Thanks for reaching out, and I took a look at your file and your support case. This is a bug that has been filed with our QA team. When you rotate a slider, the custom states are not behaving properly. I will add your case information to our bug ticket. In the meantime, you could use the workaround of using the line as a separate object.

We will keep you updated in the case with any information regarding this.

Laurie H.

Success! If I build the states BEFORE rotating the sliders, they'll function appropriately. Thanks for the idea, Michael!

So while this is a decent workaround for the particular project I'm building (allowing for extra tweaking time), I'd definitely recommend caution when trying to use vertical sliders for more interesting effects.

I've attached the .story file with the three examples: vertical sliders with states built AFTER rotation, horizontal sliders with states, and vertical sliders with states built BEFORE rotation, just for a record of what works/doesn't work for anyone looking with the same issue in the future!