Vertical Sliders - Jumping Thumb

Oct 30, 2017

Hello everyone,


I've encountered a hiccup with sliders in Storyline 360. The issue itself is when rotating a slider from horizontal to vertical. I inserted a slider, set the end value to 10 and the Step to 1. Now it works as you'd expect when it's horizontal.

The problem is when I rotate it to a vertical position to drag the slider up. When you click on the thumb to drag it, it jumps to the next increment. So if it had started on zero, I click to begin dragging it, as soon as I press the mouse button down, the thumb jumps to position one on the slider before I've moved the mouse. It caught me out the first time and I went to click on it again and drag it, but it jumped to the next step on the slider.

You can still drag the thumb on the slider as normal which is fine, but this will catch loads of people out. Is there a way to prevent the thumb jumping when the slider is in a vertical position?

 I have also noticed, if the slider is to be dragged down (Position zero is at the top and position ten is at the bottom), it is fine. The problem is only when I try positioning the slider to drag the thumb upwards. i.e. Position zero of the slider is at the bottom, and position ten is at the top.


Many thanks for any advice,


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