VERY Bad support platinum more like rusty old iron

any one know how I can stir Articulate support staff into action in accord with their 24/7 promise ??  In Australia it is against the consumer law to offer something and take money for it and then NOT provide what is promised. I was an evangelist oft storyline until this recent spate of issues and NON support . Not any more anyone asks me if it is any good The answer will be NO ! I have tried all the fixes I am now left with not being able to use SToryline at all cannot rei-install 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom,

I was able to find your support case and it looks like you have a few different ones going, but that you're being assisted by John. I see the most recent case was open this weekend, so I'm going to comment in there letting him know and ensure it's connected to your other case. Also just as an FYI our support team works 24/5 so they're available all hours during the week to answer questions and respond, but off over the weekend. 

Thanks again for reaching out and John or another of our team will be in touch soon. 

Justin Wilcox

Hi Thomas. 

I apologize for the difficulty here. We do provide 24/7 technical support, however not all teams work 24/7. That means if your case happens to get escalated to a team that does not work 24/7, you may not hear back until Monday on the weekend. The majority of cases are handled same day, regardless of what day they come in.