Drag and Drop Help Needed_Target Won't Accept


First of all, I'm LOVing what Storyline 360 can do for us as an organization, and am eager to build out more creativity. 

I am struggling with 3 of the targets not accepting the items to be dropped on them. I have deleted and recreated them, in hopes of addressing any hidden issues with those specific targets and nothing seems to be helping. 

I've attached the file - any support is greatly appreciated, thank you!


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Walt Hamilton

 Recording 1 will show that all the targets work as designed. It is the design in state that is causing the problem. The arrow points to the origin of the state. That is the point the system considers to be the location of this object. The system thinks that cross is the spot of the object when it is dropped.

I edited the state, and placed a yellow check on that spot, and in Recording 2, you can see that when the check is dropped on the target, it is accepted.

One solution might be to expand the size of the target so that when the oval in on the Oxygen molecule, its origin falls within the target.
Another option might be to move the split using a motion path, rather than a state.

Tamara Staton

Thank you SO much Walt, this was incredibly insightful and helpful! The motion path was a great idea, and it was fast for me to learn and implement. 

I don't know if you're able to help me again (or someone else), but I have 2 follow up questions, in response to a challenge that I'm now facing with labeling the molecules: 

My goal is to have all of the molecule pairs (one circle of each pair) labeled with O2 upon opening the timeline. 

1. What's the best and fastest way for me to label each of the molecule-pairs with O2, such that each is labeled before anything else happens on the screen? I'm aware of making a new state and changing it to start in that state, and assume that's what I'd do -- but I can't seem to actually label the atoms with O2 without major formatting issues, even when I copy/paste the text from somewhere else  (as you'll see with the floating O2 label in sky). The 3 keeps dropping, like the text box is too small but then I can't make it bigger without changing the shape of the circle /atom. 

2. How can I get the states to change on the Drop items (in this case, the items labeled Oxygen)? I tried to do that in "Oxygen 1" [change state of Oval 22 to Drop Correct when the user drops Ozone 1 on Oxygen 1], but it doesn't seem to work - the text won't disappear/the state won't change. 

Thank you!


Walt Hamilton


Personally, I find it a lot easier to work with the molecules if they aren't grouped.  They won't move or separate unless you create triggers to move them or make them dragable.

1. Right click each oval and choose Edit Text, and paste the text.  Right click the oval and choose Format Shape. Select Text Box, (even though the shape is an oval), and change the internal margins. You may need to fiddle a bit to get the text where you want it. You may need to Edit States to add the text to states that are already created.

2. It seems to work for me. See the attached video.