Video appears as a black screen, making positioning of other objects impossible-HELP!

Feb 07, 2018

Hi ALl

OK I have been trying to follow Tom Kuhlman's posts on adding 3D images into Storyline. I have made the Powerpoint presentation with my 3D model, I have made it move and saved it as an wmv file. It is loaded onto my Storyline, but rather than an image I get a black screen. This of course means that I cant add any other features to my 3D image as I cant see where to palce them.

In addition when I preview the slide, it starts with a black screen and then fade to the image and moves on. I ahve searched and searched but have not been ablr to fix this. I have tried to disable hardware acceleration  in Powerpoint, but this did not do anything. 

I have attached my Storyline file in the hope that someone can see what I am doing wrong?


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