Video Buffering Issue

Aug 28, 2014

Storyline: Update 6 / Windows 7 Pro

The issue relates to (1) video, (2) that requires buffering, (3) which is on the first or second slide, and (4) the viewer pauses the video after it has played a while but before the buffering completes. If the video completes buffering while it is paused, then the video restarts upon pressing the play button. For example, the user watches 2 minutes of a 10 minute video that takes two and a half minutes to buffer/load (evident on the video slider bar), then the user pauses for whatever reason. Once the video completes buffering/loading, the user presses the play button. The video restarts.

Articulate tech support has been (slowly) working on this issue for a week and does not believe that it is an issue with Storyline. They are still evaluating the (potential) issue, therefore they are not yet offering solutions or workarounds. I have replicated the issue with a new project and with different video; it happens consistently.

My question seeks insights about a fix or workaround for this issue. I'm hoping (expecting) that I'm not the first person to confront this issue. Thanks.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ed and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Thanks for mentioning that you are working with support, and I can see your support case (00417016) and that you are working with Jayem. Please note that Jayem is working with our engineers to try to understand this issue and I would encourage you to continue working with our team.

If someone in the community is able to assist or provide guidance though, I understand seeking that knowledge

Ed Easterling

Thanks Leslie for looking into this. I'm hoping for

(1) a community member to confirm that they have also experienced the issue--that might help Jayem to recognize that there is an issue rather than to think that it is unique to one video or slide, and

(2) seek a creative solution or workaround from someone in the community that has addressed the issue (since a bug fix can take time and may need to wait until a future update).

Also, your team is very slow...less than one contact per day inefficiently troubleshooting the issue (a week later they are still trying to confirm an issue that can be replicated in hours...I'd feel more encouraged if they were working on a solution rather than still deciding if it's an issue). I almost get the impression that the slow process is designed to encourage us to use your fee-based service...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ed,

I also checked in on your case, and see that Jayem and you have gone back and forth via email about this issue. It looks like in his most recent email last night he shared he was able to replicate the issue. I can see that he's doing some additional testing on this before sharing it with our Quality Assurance team as a bug to provide them with all the possible methods he has tried to get this working as expected and under different conditions. Once it's in the hands of our QA team, they'll need to investigate further in regards to a fix within the Storyline program itself. I've let Jayem know you were also posting here in the forums looking for assistance as well.

I hope that if there are other community members who have a solution or workaround to share, they're able to pop in here to assist you.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist with.

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