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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Frances! We worked hard to optimize video compression in Storyline 360 (and therefore Storyline 3), so you'd get the highest possible quality at the lowest possible file size. Check out this article for more details!

We certainly wouldn't expect video compression to prevent your learners from playing the video easily. Can you tell me more about the problems they had when you used Storyline 2?

Frances Steinberg

Hi, Alyssa.  The problems were extensive and I think most of your support team got involved (there must be a file somewhere!).  The grey box in SL2 never let me compress files properly and the size of them was so large that they wouldn't pre-load easily and the size of the published file for CD was too big to fit on the flash drives we use to sell them.  It never got resolved, so I've had to create a publish that project using SL1.  I might trial SL3 to see if it works.  Cheers, Frances

Frances Steinberg

It was created with SL1 because of the video compression issues I've had with SL2 and that project.  It always played with edge in the past.  Definitely not a happy camper--can't publish with SL2 because of compression issues and now user will need Chrome to view if I put it in SL1.

I was so supportive of Articulate, but now I'm feeling major frustration.

Frances Steinberg

The video compression does work in SL3 and the project plays on everything.  I'm just fairly put out because the issue was a bug in SL2 which was never fixed, SL1 used to play on all browsers--and now the only way I can sort things is to purchase yet another product which is likely to become extinct once you develop SL4.  I've been with you all since pre-Storyline but it seems like what was a very positive service company, driven by innovation and making things customer friendly, has now switched gears.  I've emailed Justin and hopefully he'll be able to resolve things.