Video controls & Html5 course shelf life

Feb 22, 2015

My course is being published in html5 as my client will display it across both Internet Explorer on laptops, and Safari on iPads. Rather belatedly I upgraded my own iPad to iOS8 and have discovered that the video controls disappear once the video starts playing, preventing any pause or restart. The controls only reappear at the end, but are not active, which will lead to confusion with the user. This was not the case before.

Two questions:

1. Is there a way around the video issue

2. More importantly, having done some more reading on html5's lack of sophistication in dealing with video, the next time my client updates their iPads, will the course I am about to give them no longer function as it does now? In other words am I about to supply my client with a course that only has a shelf life until the next OS or browser upgrade?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Lynn,

You may find that the play/pause button is missing from the seekbar when you view HTML5 output in mobile Safari on an iPad or iPhone.

This is a known issue. It'll be fixed in a forthcoming software update for Articulate Storyline. Enable theCheck for updates at startup feature to be notified when new updates are available.


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