Video in Storyline 360 issue

Hello all,


So this is my very first post here (and also my first project)

I'm working on a project where a video is shown (autoplay) and where the viewer can click on the video so it is paused. So far so good because I got this to work properly I think.

In the said video, there are questions that pop up at certain times in the video. I've tried to do this with cue points which failed. The questions popped up either earlier or later than the cuepoints. So i've tried to do this with triggers at .. seconds. It gives the same result. Pausing and resuming the timeline through triggers didnt seem to help either.

I've attached the project. I also kept all the old triggers/attempts I made in the project. There's probably quite a bit wrong with my project but forgive my newbieness. I'm quite new to Articulate Storyline.

A colleague of mine trimmed the video at every question and made a new slide with the said trimmed version. This seems like a lot of work when you have around 50 questions so I'm wondering if my version might be less work. (If it ever properly works that is)

Thank you in advance for your advice and comments.

It's in dutch but questions (Vraag) and answers (Antwoord) are possibly the only translations needed.

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Stefano Craba

Hi  Patrick;

I had a look at your file and here some suggestions:

the video will pause/resume without need to add triggers;

as well you don't really need to add triggers to pause the timeline in the slide when you show the layer you can do that from the layer setting;

check I've I modified your layer panel

I've cleaned up a bit your file (I did only for the first slide, including its good/fault) and it seems to work; 

also I've changed the first layer time to 3 sec. just to be able to preview fast and it's popping at the right time, you should be good once you put back the time at 28 sec.

att. the file, hope it helps