Video is only showing Black with audio in Storyline 3

Jul 31, 2017


I'm trying to load a video MP4 into a Storyline 3 course.  When I load it and then preview all that I'm seeing is a black screen with the audio playing. I've tried this in two different course shells, and with different videos (several that worked fine in Storyline 2).  Help! I'm not sure what to try next...



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Crystal Horn

Hi Mu.  I did a quick test with an .mp4 video with audio, and it worked for me in Storyline 3.

  • Where is your video file located on your computer?  How about your Storyline project?  I'd recommend that both be stored on your local C: drive to rule out any network issues.
  • Was the .mp4 video converted from another format?

I'm happy to have a look at one of the videos if you'd like to share it here!

Wendy Watson

Here is the file.

I have uninstalled and then installed Storyline 3 to see if that fixed it (it worked with another computer and SL3 but not with my work set up.

Just tested it and it still isn't playing. This is an issue with the video MP4 I created using Camtasia (so not converted) and with the sample video I've loaded below. Both of the the videos are stored on my computer not a network drive.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Wendy,

Thanks for sharing the file! I imported the video into a new Storyline 3 project, and it played correctly. Let's try two things:

  1. Open the attached Storyline file, and see if the video plays correctly for you. If it does...
  2. Import the slide into your Storyline project. Does the video still play correctly?

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