Video Learning - please advise

Mar 20, 2017


I want to create a recorded training of an instructor, that will include:

front camera, screen camera, audio narration, questions between segements, quizzes, links/hot spots and other possible interactions. If braching video scenarios is also possible it would be great.

I would like it to be easy as possible - for recording, editing and producing.

Which way do you advise to use?

1. Create the lesson at ppt. Then record the training via Camtasia. And finally, edit the recording and add the interactions within Camtasia.

2. Create, record and edit the lesson within Storyline. But it seems that the editing options are very limited in Storyline.

Our company has license to both.

The recording will be done by a trainer and the editing by a training developer.

The producing should be done as easy and as fast as possible, but to have a good quality of video learning.

I would love to hear your opinions.

Thank you!

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Dave Cox

None of the tools that you mentioned are really video editing tools, although as you noticed there are some limited video editing capabilities. To get the best results from you videos, I would recommend using tools that are actually designed for video. There are many such tools available, at a variety of price ranges, and levels of capabilities.

I personally use the Adobe products to edit my videos, and then import the result into Storyline.

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