Editing videos

Jun 30, 2021

Do you use Articulate to create software demos? If so, if you have edits to that video, how do you make those edits to videos within Articulate. I see there are some tools available within Articulate for editing videos, but they are limited. Would it be a good practice to create and edit videos outside of Articulate using a program such as Camtasia, then import into the course?

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Darren Cayard

Hey MC Lagel, 

In my opinion, I feel creating and editing the videos outside of Articulate and then importing them in, would be the best way to go about getting videos in your demo with Articulate. You can make the necessary edits to your video files in a program more geared toward video editing, upload them to your media library within Articulate, and insert them as needed. It would also make it easier to go back and edit the video clips in the future.

Good luck!