Video Narrator - transparent background problem in Storyline

I have paid someone to key out the background of a green screen test video I made of a presenter so I could demonstrate it to a potential client. The providers I have used (I have received a few examples) all swear blind they have included the alpha channel, and it is set as transparent. I have various file formats including .flv, .mov and .avi.

When I insert them in to Storyline, the background shows up blank, and stays that way even in a preview.

Is there a problem with inserting alpha channel transparent videos and maintaining the transparency? Or is it a setting I have missed?

Thanks for any help.

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Dave Parry

I have had people all over the world working on this, and finally it looks like someone has cracked it. I am not a techie so I can't explain what they've done, but I now have a working version.

Sometime the video doesn't seem to start when it loads, which is odd. Other times it does. Any thoughts on this anyone?