Video not playing on iPad when running in LMS

May 04, 2015


I am having trouble with videos not playing on iPad when running in LMS. I am running through the Articulate Player, with iOs 8.3, and have the latest update of Storyline 2. We are using TinCan in our LMS.

I have published the same file for web and run it from a link through the Articulate Player, and all the videos play as expected.

I hav tested several courses that includes video, and the same happens to all when running in our LMS, but not when published for web.

I have tested the course in SCORM Cloud, and there the videos are playing.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Does any of you know what might be the issue here?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jannicke!

If you are unable to replicate this issue in SCORM Cloud or via Articulate Mobile Player without your LMS, it sounds as if you may be dealing with an LMS issue.

I would encourage you to reach out to your LMS and you may want to share the LMS that you are using and perhaps someone in the community has a suggestion as well.

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