Video Not Staying on Screen (and a request for video loops)

Dec 03, 2018

Here you'll see a simple page which will eventually be a avatar introduction. I created a simple 5 second loop of my puppet to give him some life, even when not really doing anything. 

1) When I preview this slide, you'll notice that things get ugly at the end of the slide, even though all items are set to stay on-screen. I'm not sure what the cause of this is.

2) I'd love an option to loop this little 5 second video until the user clicks the next slide/trigger.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mike!  It looks like either the video placeholder becomes black for a few seconds, or the video element goes away at the end. 

  • Do you have anything on the slide master that might be interfering?
  • Does the video have any "black" screen time if played outside of Storyline?  How does it play when you use the Storyline video editing tool?
  • Can you share either a .story file with this one slide, or the video file?  You can use the add attachment button here in the discussion.

For looping, you can add a trigger to Play media (video) when media (video) completes.  It should allow that video to play again once it's ended.  Let me know how that works, too!

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