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Jul 26, 2020

Hi to all...

I am trying to solve the following issue without much success...


I have a layer that contains text, couple images and a short video to reinforce the content...The issue is that:

1)I don't want the video to play automatically, only if the user want to click on it...

2)but if the user takes to long in click on it the time line does continue and ends before he/she can watch the video.


Is there a way were the timeline  can be stopped and continue once the user click the play button?


Thank guys !!



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Dave Cox

Yes, you can pause the timeline. Just add a trigger to pause the timeline where you want.

But to work the way you want, I would move the video to another layer, that opens when the user clicks the button to play the video. Then on your current layer, you can play the remindere at the appropriate time later, while keeping the button to click and play the video. On the new layer with the video, have the video immediately start then the user reaches that layer.

Vincent Aranda

Thank you very much for your reply !!! Much appreciated !!

Dave, I moved the video to another layer but the immediate start of the video does not respond, so I overcome it by adding a trigger to immediately start once the timeline starts!! iot works lioke a dream !! and like you said at the return to the original layer it play the reminder of the content !! WOW

Thank you very much !!

Cheers Vince

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