video quality poor when published

Feb 12, 2015


I have inserted into my project a couple of videos

mp4 and mov but when they are published they look very poor and sound doesn't sync properly with video.

Any suggestions?

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Phil Mayor

If it is Storyline 1 on publish set it to 100% quality, if this is still poor it s possible after publishing to switch the video out, open the published file and look under story_content folder find your video file and replace that filename with your video.

In Storyline 2 if you insert an MP4 you can set it to do not compress on the video tab

mikki herbold

Thanks for this, sounds wonderful.
I will try this.
The original file was converted into to a mov. file and that is what inserted into my project.
It doesn't look very good published, so you are saying get the original (not sure what file it was)be converted into a mpg4, and then replace it with the mp4 that was converted for me originally when it is published .

Mikki Herbold
Education Technology Specialist
Academic Technology Services/CEIT

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