Video Quiz - Mac Issue

Hey there,

I have created something like a video quiz. It it not exactly a video quiz but the logic is the same as in a few video quizzes that can be found in the community.

It is pretty much something like what Montse has created here -

  • There is an mp4 file of about 4 minutes imported in Storyline.
  • There are three shapes that pop up at certain points. They can be seen on the screen for a few seconds and then disappear. 
  • If the user clicks on the shapes, a layer pops up. On the layer there is a button that would hide the layer and resume the timeline on the base layer.

This works well with my PC. I have an issue with a colleague who says that on his Mac sometimes (!) when he clicks on the shape he sees the layer but when he clicks on the button to hide the layer the timeline of the base layer does not resume from the point where it should, but rather restarts from the beginning.

It is only happening sometimes...

I am not sharing the project because we are still waiting for approval to use the video from the federal agency that needs to approve it.

Has anyone had an issue like that?

The Layer Properties are set to

- Hide other layers

- Pause timeline on base layer

Thank you in advance.



PS. Now that I am looking at Montse's example, maybe I should give it ago and use Lightboxes :)

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