Video Replay on a Layer

Mar 17, 2017

I have a video inserted on to a layer.  I have it set up to replay if the layer is manually closed and reopened.  Also, the layer closes once the video completes.

However, when the video completes and the layer closes (hides), when the user access the layer again, the video won't play.

Is there a way to reset the video?

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Peter Moore

Thank you Nick - Really pleased to have found this post. Thank You.   It fixed the problem I had been experiencing.  Just for the benefit of any others who might find this.  I had a movie on a base layer with the "play media when timeline starts" trigger thinking was that this trigger combined with the slide properties layer setting of "reset to initial state" should be sufficient to make the movie play again when that layer was re-visited.  But this doesn't work.  The movie does not play again on layer re-visit (I found many other threads pointing out this issue).  Its like the movie clip ignores the 'reset to initial state' setting.  Adding the "Stop Media" trigger sets the movie back to its starting frame so when this layer gets revisited - the movie  plays again.

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