Replaying Videos

Aug 17, 2016

Hi All,

Really struggling with this one so hope someone can help.

I have a base layer and a video layer in a slide. The video layer simply contains a video file.

When the base layer loads, it is set to show the video layer when the timeline starts. The video layer is set to hide when the media completes. This all works fine.

What I now need to do is add a replay button to the base layer to allow the user to re-watch the video. However, when I click on this, the video layer loads, but the video doesn't replay.

I've tried making sure the layers are set to initial state

I've also tried putting a trigger on the video layer to immediately stop the video and play the video one after the other when the timeline starts.

Any ideas on how to get this working?


Thanks loads



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Julie Stelter

Hi Ady,

I think it's because you are  not revisiting the slide but rather restarting the slide you are on. I don't think the latter is possible. Perhaps at the end of the video layer, you send the user automatically to a slide with a timeline of 1/4 of a second and then automatically send the user back to the video slide which is reset to initial state.



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