Video - scrubber jumpback issue.

Hello everyone,

Once videos complete that have the built-in video controls turned on (scrubber, play/pause button), the scrubber bar jumps backwards anywhere from 2-10 seconds and stops at that time.

(To clarify, this is not the seek-bar, this is only the video controls that you can turn on and off in the video settings.)

When you then try to replay the video by clicking the play button at the bottom left of the video, it will not restart from the beginning.

Instead, the scrubber will finished out the remaining seconds that it jumped back to and then stop at the end.

The only solution to get it playing from the beginning is to click the pause/play button about 3 times or mess around with the scrubber manually to get it to restart properly.

Our client is really unhappy with this and I was wondering if there are any solutions you could suggest?

The videos we are importing are H264 mp4, 25fps  (some are 30fps).

I thought the 25fps was the issue since Storyline publishes out at 30fps, but it also happens with our 30 fps videos too.

We see this consistently on both the iPad Mobile App Player and also the Flash version.

Any help would greatly be appreciated!



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Sam Clements

Sure thing.

I just submitted my issue and uploaded my storyline file to the link above, here is the case info:

Case Number: 00355478
Reference ID: ref:_00D30Txo._50040Teynf:ref 

I have also recently foundif you do not scrub forward and let the video finish on its own, the scrubberwill jump back to the beginning of the video where it should go, but once youclick the play button to watch it again, it will not replay properly.
At this point, you have to click somewhere on the scrubber to get it to playagain.

Another question, is there a recommended bit rate for mp4 videos?



Sam Clements

Yep we imported the videos at a very high quality as well.

Hey Stanton, I tried extending the timeline past the video length time, but that did not seem to resolve the issue either.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback guys, hopefully they can help me with my issue from the storyline file that I uploaded today.

Laura Winzen

I am having the same problem with the Video Controls. As long as I leave the bar alone, it does everything exactly as I have set it up. But if I click anywhere in the bar to jump forward in the video, the scrubber will jump back to that exact spot on the bar when the video finishes and the timeline never gets to my triggers that move the learning forward.

Has anyone been able to duplicate this issue at Articulate? I am going to submit an abbreviated version of my story file to Support so you can see what I am seeing.


Jessica Trace

I am seeing the same issue, and like the person who initially began this conversation, my client does not like this. However, the client also wants the person to be able to jump around in the video if they choose, and have the ability to re-watch. Right now, when jumping ahead in the video, at the end, the scrubber jumps back to where the person jumped ahead, and it doesn't really  "complete." Then, when returning to this page, it starts back where it was before the person jumped ahead at all. It's very confusing from a user standpoint.

Has there ever been any resolution or answer to why this happens? Thank you for your help!