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Oct 02, 2019

Is there any way to compress video size within Storyline? I've inserted two videos into one of my projects, and the file is so big (1GB) that my computer won't save the presentation despite having enough disk space. The project is small (only about 6 slides), and I have bigger projects I need to put together with video.

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Brian Allen

Storyline will compress your videos for your published output, but within the .story file they will remain at the full quality you import into your project.

I would recommend bringing in your videos no larger than the size you'll actually be using them in your project. For example, if my project (story size) is 720x405, and I'll actually be sizing the video at something like 640x360 on my slides, I would bring my video in at 640x360 rather than bringing them in at a full HD (or 4K... ouch) size.

If you're actually going to be displaying full HD video in your project, those files are naturally larger by nature unfortunately.

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