video streaming / progressive download issue

Feb 13, 2013

Dearl all,

An issue we have is with the preloading of the video's. We can see (by tracking the http requests) the (flash) player starts preloading every video the moment the first slide is shown. The first video following the first slide starts immediately (progressive download aka. stream) but the next video's (while they are preloading) do not start. The client is presented with a loading bar that does not stop until every other video is completely downloaded. Why don't the subsequent videos just stream?

Any thoughts on this?


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Peter Anderson

Hi Tom!

To make playback as smooth as possible, your published Storyline courses will preload content in the following manner:

  1. Assets are loaded for the first slide (or the current slide when resuming) to allow the course to begin playing right away.
  2. Assets are then loaded for the next three slides to prevent playback delays.
  3. Assets are then loaded for the remainder of the course.

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