Video Tools - MP4 Publishing

Feb 09, 2017

I have hit a dead end.  I am working to create training content that we can occasionally record as an MP4.  I realize that Storyline is not intended for that purpose, but occasionally a client wants the interactive functionality as an option, and also a similar self play video version.  I have recorded my screen walking through content, and that is fine, but the sound and video quality is just not there.

I have also set triggers to play a course from start to finish, hosted on ScormCloud, and recorded my screen using storyline.  There is so much loss of quality when I do it that is not an option for delivery.

I like the freedom to create within Storyline, but the lack of ability to attach background audio throughout the entire course (without a trick), and the inability to publish as an MP4 has me looking for other options as well.  I have already submitted feature requests... :)

I came across this video and was curious if anyone knows what tool was used to make it?

Or does anyone have any other suggestions?  I would love any and all advice!



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