Video Upload Problem


I have the following problem. My coworker recorded a video with voice over on her iPad and sent it to me via email from her iPad.  When I uploaded the video to Storyline 360, the video was playing with audio, but the picture was blurry.  I asked her to come over and I downloaded the video directly from her iPad.  When uploaded to Storyline, the audio is not playing.  First of all, I thought that maybe the original video is too big and this is impacting the audio.  So, I used HandBreak to compress the video, and after compression, I am losing the audio as well.  So far, I have no idea what's causing the audio to stop playing, so I am reaching out to see if someone on your staff could help.

 Thank you, Anna


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anna,

Thanks for sharing the file so that I could take a look. I tried converting the file as well and audio is missing when I upload to Storyline 360.

I've opened up a support case on your behalf so that you can work directly with one of our support engineers. You should be hearing from someone via e-mail soon.

Thanks for your patience. I'm looking forward to understanding as well :)