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Daniel Brigham

Getting video to behave as it should can be tricky. A few questions to get us started:

1. I assume everything behaves as it should when you preview and when you publish the presentation on your computer?

2. Does this issue happen in all browsers (IE, firefox, chrome) our just in one?

3. Have you tried uploading a basic piece of video that plays automatically, just to see if it's a trigger thing?

4. Not familiar with Active Learner, but is there someone there you can talk to?

My gut says this is a browser issue. --Daniel

Nancy Woinoski

Hi G. It was not clear to me whether you have embedded the video in your Storyline course or if clicking the button launches the video from a website.

If the video is embedded in your Storyline course then you should be aware that Storyline converts the video to the MP4 format when the course is published. If your video plays locally when testing from your desktop but not after you have uploaded to your Learning Management system then it could mean that the server hosting your LMS does not have the MP4 mime type installed to play the video.

Here is some additional information on the mime type ( this article is about Presenter but it also applies the Storyline)