Videos and story load times - recommended method?

Mar 09, 2016

I have issues with load times for many of my courses, and am working to isolate the issue. 

I believe one potential culprit to be videos. I'm wondering if there is a recommended method for delivering video content in Storyline to minimize load times. 

I have the following as options:

  • embed videos directly in the course
  • web object displaying video hosted on Vimeo
  • web object displaying video hosted on SharePoint


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Mike B.


We were originally embedding videos directly in our courses, but then found out our LMS could not handle serving the video data. We ended up embedding videos from the Wistia video hosting service. This worked out well as the embedded Wistia player handles all of the data-loading of the video. Vimeo would work in a similar way.

Be aware that there are some caveats with inserting videos in this way. You might have to work with the video service's javascript API if you need to get the timing of the video, or detect when the video ends, etc.



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