Videos blocked on Vimeo

Mar 29, 2022

I have some Storyline projects that I am embedding into a Rise course. These Storyline courses have videos in them that are on my Vimeo site. Yesterday and days prior they were playing just fine. Now all of a sudden they won't play in Review 360 or in the final Rise course. I get messages from Vimeo stating:
"Because of its privacy settings, this video can't be played here" I have all videos allowing the following domains to embed the video:

There are videos embedded directly into the Rise course that are playing from my Vimeo site, but it seems the ones in the Storyline project won't play. Any idea what is going on here?


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Whitney Lowe

I own the videos and didn't change any of the settings. As noted, they were all working fine yesterday and today none are working. 

Do you know if the is a recent domain addition for Review 360 because previously I would get a note saying I needed to add the domain for all my Review 360 work?

Whitney Lowe

Just ran another experiment. Took one of the blocked videos and embedded it directly into a Rise course. It plays just fine. However, when the same video is launched from within the Storyline file or is being reviewed from the Storyline publishing on Review 360 it says it is blocked by privacy settings in Vimeo. Consequently, this sounds like a Storyline issue, right?

Veronica Soderstrom

I have the same problem. It is not possible to review embedded movies from Vimeo when publish for review. The movies are created in storyline and I have the same settings as Whitney regarding domains in Vimeo . For a short while this afternoon everything worked but not now. Anyone who has an idea what might be wrong?

Phillip Mimoso

I wrote to Articulate support and they corrected the issue.

According to them:

"Our team has identified the issue. It seems that the referrer (HTTP) isn't being sent on the request to Vimeo,  causing Vimeo not to determine where the request is coming from and therefore can't figure out whether to allow it or not. We've already applied a fix for this issue."