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Hi Guys

I am playing around with a variety of tablets to see which would work for the classroom and have discovered that on the the Google ones like the Nexus 7 I can not play the videos or do the interactives in the lessons.  Does anyone have any thoughts on how I could re-export them to owk not only on the iPad but on other notebook devices? sample lesson



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Monique Gaudin

WOW!  That a big WHAT????  I checked out the discussion you suggested  and it does not seem we have a solution.  That's Huge.  Not sure why I never knew that.  The lessons work on the Note  so I assumed they would all be the same but this creates a big problem that I need to resolve for student access when they bring their own devices.  This is HUGE!   I am in the middle of talking our district into using storyline but if it doesn't support dual platform then I think we need to rethink this.

Thanks for your response.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Monique, 

Sorry I didn't have a better answer for you - but, Android support is something you're welcome to share your thoughts on as well in the form of a feature request.  There are a number of other threads out there - and you may want to use the method described by Adrian here to search the forums and narrow down what you find.