Videos not working after the first playthrough

Dec 20, 2017

Hello - 

I have an issue I'm running into that I haven't seen before on these forums.  I have a course with multiple lessons, each lesson containing several video slides.  

When I go through the lessons, everything works great.  However, when I go back to review a video I already watched, the video doesn't start and often shows up on the status bar as 00:00 in length.  Other times it shows the correct time, but the video won't play, and the status bar does nothing.  As mentioned, this only happens AFTER watching the video once through.  

I've tested this in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  Safari seems to work okay, while the others are the ones with the problem.  I've ensured the browsers are the most recent version as of the time of this writing, as well as making sure Flash is up to date and turned on.  

I've emailed our LMS provider for solutions, but if it's not them, any other ideas? 


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Cyntia Paré

Hi Don,

Me and my team recently faced a similar issue. Turns out our videos were the problem apparently. We were inserting mp4 WITHOUT sound (because we didn't need it, so when we exported them, we unclick the Audio box in Media Encoder). This had seem to be the cause of our problem with "playing the video a second time". 
We republished all of our videos WITH audio, and then inserted them in Storyline. From there, we set the videos to Mute in Storyline and it fixed our issue.

Hope it helps! I know how this can be frustrating, trust me!


Don Crowl

Thanks Cynthia.  Unfortunately our videos require sound, so that's not an option for us.  I ended up removing the video controls on course, and opted to show the status bar in the player.  That helped, as there is now a "Replay" button that users can hit if the course gets "stuck" as I described.  I would prefer it not get to that point in the the first place, but it's a start. 

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