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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ali,

I apologize for the lack of response, but I believe it's because your question isn't quite clear. 

Can you describe, with a little more detail, what you'd like to accomplish? Also, what type of video are you working with? 

If you could provide an example as well, that might help in generating some additional responses and suggestions :)


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ali,

No problem at all - welcome back!

The options you're wanting to use on your video aren't options that you're going to find built-in to Storyline. 

However, something like this may still be possible, if you'd like to build it in your project. 

For example, one option would be to create custom video control buttons. You could create buttons for "Slowest", "Slow" and Normal" and place them on your slide, below the video. You could then add layers for each version. If you can create videos to match these speed options, place the videos on the layers and trigger them with the custom buttons.

It really depends on how custom you want to get with this, but with this option, you'd give learners the choice of how they view the video. 

I'm sure there are some video experts in the community that have some additional ideas on this as well. 

Best of luck on the project!