view articulate file for remote employee

I have to send a file to be reviewed by a remote employee. This employee does not have articulate. We have storyline 2. How would I send the file for her to view on her computer? She probably will only want to see it on her computer, but as long as we are on the subject, will it be different for her to view on an ipad or cell phone?

I greatly appreciate assistance :)

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Ali Goulet

Hey Janice!

Since your employee doesn't have the software, you'll need to publish the course for her to be able to view it on a computer. 

A great option (and one I use quite frequently, myself!) is publishing for web and then uploading your published output to Tempshare. This is a really handy and free way to get it out on the web.

Tempshare will create a temporary internet link for your course that'll be active for 10 days. You can then send her the link to click and she'll be able to access it from any device as long as she has internet connection.

Take a peek over here for some tips on making it mobile device friendly, too! 

Let me know if you have any questions ☺️