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Mar 20, 2014

Greetings All,

I published several presentations to our LMS, enabled all print results features, and enrolled participants. Participants taking the quiz, while connected to the company network, are able to successfully view/print results...however we have several participants that are off-site and are unable to view results after they type their name in the pop up box, and after disabling pop-up blocker.

My initial thought was to have an updated version of JAVA installed on their laptops, but I want to consider all fixes before approaching the offsite folks.

Any ideas?

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Brian Dickerson

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the requirements link. I am forwarding them to our IT department which will assist them in scanning the laptops of our remote staff. I know the remote staff use laptops which are company issued so the browser should be IE8 or possibly 10. I am unsure which version of Flash they are using so that will be my next approach. The secutiy restrictions may be an additional factor as they are most likely using a remote WiFi.

Will touch bases when I have a solution.

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