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Aug 26, 2014


I'm new to Storyline/elearning, and I've just build a test/demo module with a quiz.

I've checked the 'Allow user to print results' box and 'prompt the user for their name before printing' box. I've published the file and I'm now testing the quiz.

The quiz itself is all working fine, when I click the 'Print results' button a box pops up where I can input a name, but after that nothing happens.

From reading the forums when I click the 'print results' button, I think an HTML page should pop up? Should this page be generated automatically? How can I get this button to work?

Thanks for your help!


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Emily Ruby

Hi Kelly and welcome to Heroes!

Since you are testing the content locally, it can cause security errors, and elements of your content to not work properly.

The following article should give you some information about publishing and testing content in Storyline.

This also has a few free web server options available for testing.

If you need anything further, please let us know!

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