Viewing storyline 1 output, flash problem

Feb 07, 2015

Hi there,

I am experiencing an issue with a course I have developed when running in the browser.

The course follows the below details:

  • created in storyline 1
  • published on desktop
  • uploaded to our lms
  • tested in the browser

When first loading the course the user is prompted to install a new version of flash player, clicking no, the course runs. However part way through the course it asks the same question, and on click of no boots me back to the start of the course.

Now my initial thought is that if the PC didnt have the right flash player version, lets say it had flash player 9, the module wouldn't run at all. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like flash is just using this as an opportunity to let the user update.

The computers running the module are part of a corporate setup so all of the specs are the same and after providing the storyline 1 viewing specifications from the articulate website the client is certain that the setup meets the minimum requirements. Updating the flash player isn't really an option.

I am due to investigate this but wondered if anyone had come across this issue before.

I am due to screen share to find out the flash player version, as well as operating system and browser version to double check the spec meets.

If anyone has any ideas or thought on this, or any additional questions I should be asking it would be greatly received.

Many thanks


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