Issues with Storyline 2 and Internet Explorer 11

Sep 04, 2015


I've got a Storyline module containing 8 simulations all recorded in Articulate Storyline. When I publish the module and upload it to the LMS (and also when played via the story.html file) at a certain point (the last simulation) the module crashes and the Grey Circle of Death (Google it) appears - basically it appears to be a Flash Player issue closing the browser to protect it from running out of memory. I don't get the issue when I access the module on Google Chrome so I believe it's something to do with IE11. I'm unable to share the module due to client confidentiality issues but was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and knows of any work rounds, other than splitting the module (not an option!) or telling the client to use a different browser!

Any help much appreciated.



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Greg Cannon


What seems strange is that a colleague of mine published the same module
and it works without experiencing the Grey Circle of Death issue.

When you say it's a "known issue" please can you provide additional details
in terms of the nature of it, the circumstances under which it happens, and
the actions that you are taking to resolve the problem. Is it solely an
IE11 issue with SL2? Or does it happen in other versions of IE and/or other
browsers (apparently not Chrome)...


Christie Pollick

Hi, Greg -- Thanks for your follow-up. A number of similar incidents (not specific to just IE11, but other versions of IE, as well) have been reported and are being investigated by our QA team. To the best of my knowledge, this is only being seen with Internet Explorer.

Our Support Engineers are recommending the following in the meantime:   It’s related to the custom tab order data in the course, which can burden the Flash Player's memory when the course is lengthy or has lots of images and videos. You can fix it by removing some objects from the tab order for each slide. Here's how:

 By default, all objects are included in the tab order. We recommend removing objects from the tab order if they aren't crucial to the context of the slide (e.g., design elements). And if your learners aren't using accessibility screen readers, we also recommend removing images and videos from the tab order. 

And you may want to consider these suggestions to optimize your content, as well:

Performing screen recordings at a lower resolution

Capturing less than the full screen

Performing shorter screen recordings

Reducing image/video quality during publish. 

Breaking the content into multiple courses.

Using another browser to view the output.

Otherwise, I plan to share any additional updates or info. I receive here in the threads as soon as they are provided. Thank you for your patience. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janine,

This discussion is a bit older - and since then there have been updates to Storyline and the major browsers. What version of Storyline are you using?

Are you only trying to view the HTML5 output? With Storyline 2 - the HTML5 support was limited to Chrome and Safari. 

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

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