Google chrome on Android not playing course

Jul 06, 2021

Hi All,

There is a very strange behaviour from google chrome android browser. Most of our 10k+ users watches the module on google chrome web browser and never found any issue but all of a sudden today one of  the module which we launched yesterday plays till half and snap back in the middle and stop and starts again. 


I tested on other different browsers.

Phone: firefox , google beta , samsung browser ..all seems to be fine.

Laptop: all browsers are supportive i.e  chrome, firefix, edge.

I tested the module on SCORM cloud and it responded well in all the above browsers on phone and laptop EXCEPT WHEN I RUN SCORM CLOUD ON PHONE CHROME BROWSER AND IT DOES SNAP IN THE MIDDLE.

I tested the module on our UAT and production environment before launching and checked on phone chrome browser, it was all well till yesterday but for lots of user module is closing in between todat.

I completed the module yesterday only, tried again on google chrome phone browser and no problem whatsever. Lms team saying there is an internet connectivity issue of users.

If there is internet connectivity issue, how come when i try to run module on scorm cloud on phone chrome and it is not playing... tried on incognito mode too in case cookies and catches is an issue, strong wifi too..still same issue..scorm cloud running fine on other browsers on phone, firefox, google beta, samsung browser..




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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Surender,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you see in your published project. It sounds like you can consistently replicate in SCORM Cloud on a mobile device, so I'd like our team to take a look.

Please share your project file with our support engineers to investigate what's happening. You can share it privately by uploading it here. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete.

Surender Rajput

Hi Leslie, i worked with cleo and the culprit was google chrome mobile browser which was not updated. We asked our users to update the browser. However, still the module did not play. Even for modules newly published, on google chrome browser issue remains as it is.

My lms vendor has raised with google. Reply awaiting from google side. I did a quick search on community amd i am surprised no one has reported this issue. Are you aware of this google chrome browser issue reported by others? We have a workforce of over 10k people facing issues while doing training on google chrome mobile browser. 



Mathew Martinez


We've just purchased Storyline360 to republish one of our courses since we've read that Storyline360 has more options on handling the new Chrome updates that are keeping synchronous XHR calls from marking a student completed in a third party LMS.

We're awaiting one of our clients to try the new course to see if it works for them. I'd like to keep this ticket open please

Mathew Martinez
IT Specialist
(817)385-2162 | Smith System, Inc.

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