Drag and Drop Interaction, on Android using Chrome

Mar 15, 2017


I'm experiencing an issue with drag and drop interactions on Android using Chrome, but not with the Samsung Internet Native Browser.  Similar to this post, when I try and drag and drop an item the screen itself moves making it impossible to drag and drop.  However, it only seems to happen when the module is not in Full Screen mode, i.e. it only happens when the learner gets out of Full Screen mode and pinches out to get a larger view of the slide details, which our learners need to be able to do.

Below is what I'm using and what I've tried when I experience an issue:

  • Samsung S5, Android V 6.0.1
  • Chrome V56.0.2924.87 and Chrome Beta 57.0.2987.97
  • Storyline V2, update 11
  • The test conducted on SCORM Cloud isn't a good indication as the very basic test module (attached) opens and seems to lock in Full Screen mode.  This means the drag and drop works, however I'm unable to test when it's zoomed as you can't pinch in.  Perhaps there's a setting in SCORM Cloud I can change to enable resizing?

No issue experienced when:

  • Using the Native Internet Browser, V 4.0.30-28 on the same Samsung phone using Chrome V 56.0.2924.87
  • On a Samsung Tab 4, Android 5.0.2, Chrome V54.0.2840.68

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Michelle

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for sharing all the details of your specific Chrome set up and devices in use. 

You mentioned sharing a copy of it, but I don't see anything attached here so it does not seem to have come through? I'll open up a support case for you so that you can upload a copy of your .story file direct to our Support Engineers and then share a link to your course as well. You mentioned testing on SCORM Cloud, but it sounds like that's not the LMS you'll ultimately be using? If not, we'd also want a link to that output as our team will look at testing on SCORM Cloud based on it being an industry standard. 

That other discussion you linked to is a bit older though, some of it dating back to Storyline 1 which didn't have Android support. So I'll leave that out of the Support case, as let's start fresh with what you're seeing and experiencing. 

Keep an eye out for the email from Support@articulate.com! 

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