Dark mode inverting white text to appear black

Hello everyone, I have a very unique issue. 

I have a user who cannot read the questions in one of our courses hosted on an LMS because dark mode inverts black text to white but does not invert the white background to black. 

Phone is a Samsung galaxy A70

Model number SM-A&05FN

Running android 10

Browser google chrome version 85.0.4183.101

anyone else have the same issue. 

course zip file attached for anyone who wants to recreate the issue. My phone does not have dark mode to do testing. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jared,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what your user is experiencing with your course.

I've published the .zip file in SCORM Cloud so that you can have them re-check and let us know if you're seeing an issue in that environment as well or if the issue is specific to your LMS.

If so, then with your permission, please share your project file (and which slides to focus on) to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

Supermac's  E-Learning


Thanks for your reply, the content views fine in scorm cloud. It is a particular device that when in dark mode inverts the black text to white but not the white background to black.

The device is a Samsung galaxy a70 model SM-A705FN
Android 10
Chrome version 85.0.4183.101

I have tried it on other Samsung phones in night mode and the issue does not occur.

Very unique issue

Best Regards

Jared Nelson
E-learning & Content Creation
Ext 148

Leslie McKerchie

That is very specific, Jared. I'll have to check around to see if anyone has that specific device to test on.

It looks like you replied via e-mail, which means your attachment did not populate. You can click 'View' vs. 'Reply' and see our conversation here in the forums and attach your file directly here.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jared!

Thanks for attaching the project! I've tested the course on my end using Dark Mode, but I don't see any issues with the appearance of the text.

Here's what it looks like on my end.

Are you on an updated software for your Android? If not, is it possible to update to see if the issue persists? 

Anna Osadchenko

Hi, I have the same issue.
When this course http://training-pl.solaredge.com/the_big_5/#/ is launched from a mobile device that is set to the night mode, dark theme (doesn't matter what is the device, we checked on a few different phones) all white parts and text turn into black and it looks horrible, see attached image. Can I somehow prevent RISE course of changing the colors?

Supermac's  E-Learning

Unfortunately I found only 2 workarounds. get the users to put their phones in colour inversion instead of dark mode. or if you have black text on a white background make any textboxes have a grey background or some other solid colour. it seems like dark mode does not invert the white background of the master slide. 

I hope this makes sense 

Anna Osadchenko

Hi Jared, your advices do make sense, however I think that this is a bad user experience (to ask people, customers(!) to change their phone settings) and in general the RISE tool behavior looks wrong to me. It's a bug. I hope that RISE team will pay attention to it, since it's not a unique issue and it should be fixed on the tool level.