Microsoft Edge "Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents" causing issues to courseware.


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We are experiencing few issues where users are reporting that on-screen text is "faded out" to the point where they cannot view the content. We are finding that when they enable "Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents" in Microsoft Edge, it will make black font colors turn white on the screen.  This is something that a user may enable due to visual impairment.  Is there anything that can be done for those who have light sensitivity? These users also enable a dark theme, however in testing the theme/background alone, that does not change the font color.  It is when the "Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents" is enabled, that the dark fonts get muted/faded. I have attached some examples of what the screen looks like when the Auto Dark Mode is enabled in Microsoft Edge.dark font shows as light or appears missing

dark font shows as light or appears missing 2



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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Susanne.

Thank you for reaching out! 

Since the Auto Dark Mode for Web Content flag is still in experimental mode, Microsoft doesn't offer much support or information on it. It appears that some elements might still not be affected by this flag. 

I tested with a simple slide (black font on white background), and the mode worked well. My thought is that the flag might not be ready to work with different shapes and colors on the background, but it's early to tell. 

I also noticed there are several options when enabling this mode. Do you know if the users attempted other options to see if one worked better than the other?